Concepcion Purse

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Concepción Purse comes in a semi-circular shape, takes more than 25 hours to be created and more than 400 meters of silk ribbon to be produced. Woven in our signature macrame technique and silk ribbons.

  • Concepción purse will retain its shape and beautiful appearance for a long time with proper care.
  • Place it hanging on your closet when not using.
  • Gold metallic chain for a crossbody style.
  • Fabric cover for storage or traveling.
  • The metal accessory will not change color over time.

Purse dimensions:

13 ”in width x 9 ”in length | fringes: 11” in


100% Rayon. Metal

Where and how it was made?

Concepción Purse was designed by me! Melissa, a Bolivian designer who studied in Miami, passionate about her hometown Bolivia.  Maya is the talented artisan who produced Concepción Purse.