Classic Panama Hat

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These are authentic handmade Panama hats from Ecuador. An example of sophisticated Latin American craftsmanship passing from generations. They are the perfect compliment for your summer outfits.

Our Panama hats look great with our removable macrame bands! Bands are sold separately, check them out here

Sizing details:
Perfectly fits a 23" perimeter head. The inner cross is approx 8" x 6 ¾ " and the length including the flaps is 12.5"

How to properly take care of it?
-Do not roll up for extended periods of time
-Do not leave the hat in hot closed places (such as a car, or container under the sun)
-If dirty, clean with moist cotton cloth and allow to air dry.
-Avoid wetting the hat in the rain, it may become permanently damaged.

100% finest toquilla palm fiber from Ecuador.

Made in Ecuador