Sol Vest

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Sol vest imparts handmade, texturized sophistication to summertime looks. Pair it with a breezy dress and sandals for an elegant ensemble. It's truly a statement-making addition to any outfit.

One size (fits S-L)

Sol vest has been ethically made by artisans using traditional and contemporary Bolivian techniques. It’s woven from unique macrame ribbons called “sedas” (silks) and has fringes all around that will move and twist while you walk!

This vest is fabulous for layering and makes a true statement!

Lightweight and waist flattering!

Care instructions:

  • Steam to straighten any wrinkles.
  • You can wear it several many before it gets dirty.
  • If dirty, we recommend DRY CLEANING or handwash or hand wash, air dry.
  • NEVER use fabric softener or washing machine.
  • Hang to avoid wrinkles and proper care.

Where and how it was made?

Sol Vest was designed by me! Melissa, a Bolivian designer who studied in Miami, passionate about my Bolivian culture and weaving traditions. Maya and Alex are the main producers of this purse. 



100% Rayon

Made by artisans in Bolivia.