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Scrolling at local markets on a Sunday afternoon? Our Wara purse will add a dose of boho handmade to your warm-weather looks.

Made by artisans using locally sourced rayon silk or "sedas" in the Bolivian Andean Plateau. These ribbons are NON-existent in the US.

We provide opportunities to Artisans living in Bolivia (a developing country from South America) they usually take around 28 hours and more than 280 meters of silk ribbon to produce Wara Purse.


  • The purse strap is also made from Bolivian "silk" ribbons.
  •  Includes cotton lining, zipper and inside pocket.
  • Will fit phone, wallet, keys, perfume and hand sanitizer, and other daily essentials.
  • Fabric cover for storage or traveling.
  • Wara purse will retain its shape and beautiful appearance for years with proper care.

Care instructions:

  • Hang on your closet.
  • If the fringes becomes wrinkly steam. Fringe material dries fast and does not get damaged from a bit of water.
  • NEVER machine wash or dry this bag.
  • Hand wash and let it dry naturally.


  • Strap Length: 20" Bag Length: 10" Width: 12" Fringe Length: 14"

Styling tips:

Wear it with a long maxi dress, just denim, and a basic shirt, a leather mini-skirt.... This piece will dress you UP without buying any expensive clothing, it's timeless and season-less!

Where and how it was made?

Wara purse was designed by me! Melissa, a Bolivian designer who studied in Miami, passionate about Bolivian culture and traditions. Guadalupe and Rosalia produced Wara Purse.


100% Rayon

Made by artisans in Bolivia.

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