Our Roots


The dress of the Aymara women known as cholita in the Andean region, symbolizes strength, elegance, hard work and delicacy. It has a unique origin with a special story that weaves the indigenous and European worlds together. This traditional dress carries a colonial spark that, until today, is a living culture in Bolivia.

This is composed of colorful, pleated skirts of many layers called polleras; elegant blouses made of silk, shawls with fine macramé details at the hem, a rounded hat called borsalino and accessories of silver, gold and gemstones. 💎

The laces or macramé at the edges of the shawls are hand woven and finish as fringes. This is a unique detail that adds movement and elegance to the cholita's traditional dress.

We adapted this macrame details into accessories and home decor for them to be appreciated as everyday useful products and for you to have a unique piece that has a magical story behind. 

Photo Source: Delphine Blast